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About Us

Tourism is vitally important to the economy of Ayrshire & Arran – generating £348 million of revenue per year.

This 'About Us' section provides information about our strategy to grow the sector, in delivering the ambition to grow the value of the sector by 20% by 2017.

What is the vision for tourism in Ayrshire & Arran?

"Ayrshire and Arran will be a premier destination of choice, where visitors will  receive a fantastic welcome and enjoy outstanding experiences of our coastline, countryside, culture and hospitality."

What are the objectives of the tourism strategy?

The objectives of the strategy are to:
•     Increase the annual number of visitors to Ayrshire & Arran by 10% to 3.85 million.
•     Increase annual spend by visitors by 20% to £418 million.
•     Grow the employment supported by the tourism sector by 10% to 9,800 jobs.
•     Enhance and conserve the region’s natural, heritage and cultural assets.